Female referee kicks out supporter for sexist sneer

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Spanish Football – Certain language and acts will no longer be tolerated

Female referee kicks out supporter for sexist sneer



In a lower league match in Tarragona, Spain between UE Valls and Cambrils Unio, referee Marta Galego kicked out an unruly supporter in the stadium for yelling a sexist comment at her after a decision did not go the fan’s team’s way.

New Catalan Football Federation (FCF) rules apply stricter penalties for poor conduct and insulting language at stadiums throughout the region, and Galego didn’t hesitate to put the new regulations into use.

“Go wash some dishes,” was what was yelled at the referee, according to El Travesser.

After the fan was removed from the grounds in the 23rd minute, the rest of the stadium applauded her decision as the match resumed.



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