La Sapienza University of Rome (SUR)


Sapienza University of Rome (SUR), founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is one of the oldest universities in the world and a high performer among the largest universities in international rankings. Since its founding over 700 years ago, Sapienza has played an important role in Italian history and has been directly involved in key changes and developments in society, economics and politics. It has contributed to the development of Italian and European science and culture in all areas of knowledge.

SUR offers a vast array of courses including degree programmes, PhD courses, one to two year professional courses and Specialization Schools in many disciplines, run by 63 Departments and 11 Faculties. With the 2011-2012 academic year, the University inaugurated the School for Advanced Studies and evaluates candidates on the basis of educational merit, that provides students with courses and activities aimed at encouraging and developing their capabilities through scientific, cultural and interdisciplinary enrichment.

It is in every regard a research and teaching university: SUR carries out outstanding scientific research in most disciplines, achieving impressive results both on a national and international level. SUR also enhances research by offering opportunities to academia on a global scale. Thanks to a special programme for visiting professors, many foreign researchers and lecturers periodically visit the University and contribute greatly to the quality of education and research programmes.

Some 8.000 foreign students are regularly enrolled at Sapienza. In addition to this, SUR encourages international exchange: there are over 1.100 incoming and outgoing exchange students per year, thanks to several mobility programmes.

The Department of Developmental and Social Psychology at SUR is organized into four areas of study within the field of psychology and education: development, social processes, methods and learning. Currently research is carried out on such topics as: children’s prosocial and aggressive behaviour, cultural diversity in thinking, social interaction, conflict resolution, sport psychology person perception, attitudes and persuasion, social attention, physical and social self, gender identity, adolescence, language development.

Because of its commitment to excellencein research, SUR is consistently rated among among the most performing research departments in Europe.

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