PsyTool contributes to the development of an common agreement for positive sport in Balearic Football

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Last July, the Balearic Islands Football Federation (FFIB) organised the I Grassroots Football Congress bringing together all football stakeholders in the world famous holiday paradise. Through a series of round table discussions and meetings a set of conclusions were brought forward to the general assembly. The main one referred to the approval of a motion to develop a Code of Ethics for all clubs in the Balearic Islands. A first draft has been penned by a working group led by the University of the Balearic Islands and a pro-values Erasmus+ con-funded project PsyTool led by Pablo de Olavide University in Seville.

This Code of Ethics is aimed at all those who may bring youth football into disrepute through undesired behaviours. These include sport administrators, players, coaches, team managers, parents, relatives and spectators. In addition, the FFIB has proposed that all clubs develop their own internal regulations to promote safe and positive youth sport.

The key points of the Code of Ethics include:

  • Football must be safe to practice
  • The promotion of fair-play by all spectators
  • Total respect for referees
  • Treat opponents and their families with utmost respect
  • Help young players enjoy the sport and value effort and commitment
  • Foster not only skill development, but development as a human being
  • Promote the values and culture of the club
  • Respect coaches
  • Adults must lead by example

All clubs to work together and promote adherence to the code

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