Spanish Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPD)


The Spanish Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPD) coordinates and promotes the work of all regional Spanish scientific societies in the different areas of Psychology Applied to Physical Activity and Sports:

  • Psychology of sport performance.
  • Psychology of sport initiation.
  • Psychology of sport entities organization.
  • Psichology of arbitration and sport judgement.
  • Psychology anf exercise and health.
  • Assessment in sport psychology.
  • Motor learning.
  • Special populations.

During the First National Congress of Sport Psychology, held in Barcelona in 1986, the commitment of working in the creation of a Federation that will gather the different regional associations was acquired. FEPD was created in 1987 and it was firstly joined by the already existing associations.

The first association was created in Cataluña (1983). After this, País Vasco (May 1986), Valencia (October 1986), Cantabria (October 1986), Andalucía (May 1987), Galicia (September 1988), Castilla-León (June 1990), Murcia (June 1993), and Madrid and Extremadura (March 2003).

Since its creation, FEPD has developed spectacularly, growing from almost 100 to 500 members, distributed by the whole Spanish geography. At present, FEPD is constituted by 10 associations, with different number of members, objectives and activities.

FEPD is a member of the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP), the European Federation of Sports Psychology (FEPSAC) and the Spanish Society of Psychology (SEP), in which it actively works as a full-right member.

Finally, remark that on 10-14 July 2017, FEPD will host in Seville (Spain) the the ISSP 14th World Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology, with the motto “Integrating Science and Practice through Multicultural Bridges”. The organization expects more than 1.000 participants from more than 50 countries from all around the World.

Contact Details

Contact person Joaquín Díaz Rodríguez