Sport Foundation – Portugal (SFP)


The SFP is a private entity with public utility, as a public-service corporation, with the scope focused on sport development support. Within the members of the SFP we can find national public authorities, private entities and the major enterprises, Portuguese ones or multinationals with delegations in our country.

The SFP was founded in 1995 by the Minister of Education who ruled sport’s area by that time. The main goals and fields of the SFP’s mission are: (i) support the sport development, (ii) namely at the high level domain; (iii) support international sport events; (iv) high performance athlete’s support, team or individual sports; (v) organize and promote seminars, conferences, congresses and other similar training and educational events related with sport promotion and development.

A second pillar of the SFP’s mission is concerned with the strategic management of the High Performance Center’s in Portugal.

A third, but very important, pillar of the SFP’s mission is fundraising, giving sponsors and enterprises tax advantages and benefits, making the bridge between the sport’s sphere and business community.

The SFP is a State partner for sport development. SFP receives both public and private funds to support all kind of sport projects and activities, from sport events to young athlete’s support.

The role and recognition of SFP within the public authorities is clear and evident: the President of the SFP’s Administration is nominated by the Prime Minister, the SFP’s President of the Fiscal Council is designated by the Minister of Finance; we can find the President of the Portuguese National Sport Authority in the Administration Board, among the Presidents of the National Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation, but also the representatives of the major enterprises as EDP, GALP Energy, National Broadcast Television RTP, and many others.

Another relevant element is the fact of the SFP’s President of the Founders Council being the Mayor of the municipality of Maia, in the north region of Portugal, European City of Sport in 2014.

Moreover, SFP can be a multilateral platform for important axis, namely for companies funding, but also a national focal point for intergovernmental relations and with other important partners of civil society.

Besides the tax benefits for its partners, the SFP, within its mission, has one important role in sport. SFP coordinates the national high performance sport centres, has the responsibility for sport fundraising, namely for high level sport, EU funds prospection, exploration and assessment for sport field, and promotes three lines of support: (i) financial support for the HPSC’s sport project, (ii) financial support for young talent athletes and (iii) financial support for technological re-equipment of the HPSC.

The national net of high performance centres integrates 13 units geographically spread on the country. Three nautical centres for surf, longboard, and body board, but also jetsky, canoeing and skysurf, in Viana do Castelo, Nazaré and Peniche; one SHPC for rowing, canoeing, triathlon and open waters swimming, in Montemor-o-Velho; another SHPC for indoor cyclin, judo, gymnastic, fencing and modern pentathlon in Sangalhos, Anadia; one SHPC in Caldas da Rainha for Badminton, another SHPC for swimming in Rio Maior; one SHPC for equestrian sports in Golegã; one SHPC for athletics, tennis and gymnastic in Maia; one SHPC for tennis table and taekwondo in Vila Nova de Gaia; one SHPC for canoeing in Pocinho, Vila Nova de FozCôaand one moreSHPC in Vila Real de St.º António for athletics, futsal, judo, swimming and triathlon.

The SFP has the responsibility for the international cooperation regarding high sport performance centres policies. In this field the SFP has a strict cooperation namely with Spain, France, Basil and the ibero-american sport council countries and lusofonian community countries.

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