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The Universidad de León (ULE) is a young university but is heir to a rich tradition of accredited academic prestige. Our commitment is to attain excellence in teaching, research and innovation and to contribute to society by educating dynamic graduates who are ready to enter the labour market. Our focus is mainly on human development, paying special attention to the environment and educational values. We also aim to serve as an academic reference for administrations, businesses and the professional world.

ULE is located in cities of León and Ponferrada, which are situated in the center of the northwest quadrant of the Iberian Peninsula, which includes the western region of Castilla y León with the regions of Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and Northern Portugal, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Rearding the Campus, ULE local precedent in studies of the Faculty of Veterinary taught since 1943, and studies of Biological Sciences, Education, Mining, Agriculture, Arts, Law, dependent in turn on the University of Oviedo. At the height of the date of creation of the ULE in 1979 also began the development of the campus outside the city and placed between the district of San Mames and Villaobispo core, with the installation of Schools and Colleges more service centers, sports areas and central library. In turn, remain outside the Campus certain educational and research centers in different parts of the city and the Rector (The flag Albeitar), services and residence halls.

Leon Vegazana campus, named for their location in plain once owned by the diocese, grouped in an almost compact Faculty and many of the colleges, with a total of about ten thousand students, from entering the city buses, private vehicle, bicycle lanes and walking tour about 20 minutes from downtown. Also, given the growth of the city in recent years towards the campus, this is almost welded to town so that students not local, not to reside in collective accommodation, living in rented flats in slum nearby. Thus, the relationship between city and campus have been closer, and supplemented by all kinds of services for the university community.

Given, then, as an immediate reference to society to be, ULE has a portfolio of titles in which, without neglecting the humanities, law or economics background, dominated by the so-called Earth Sciences: Veterinary Biology, agronomy, etc. Today, 37 degrees and 18 graduate degree are offered on both campuses, ranging from the classical Philology up entirely novel experiences such as International Business Degree (with part of his teachings in English), joint degrees with universities from other countries or graduate of interest, read on Renewable Energy Master or Master Business Studies titled European, shared with three other European universities.

This is the reality of this that does not cover, however, the hopes and wishes for a better future, the university provided a dynamic, open to changes, in constant touch with the reality that surrounds and in the adventure. Knowledge is an experience that makes for life. They say, happily, many students and teachers go through our classrooms.

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